About Us

Let’s know about Zimbabwe Garden Seeds

Our Vision

To be the major producer of vegetable seeds, legumes and small grains, as well as the best distributor of seeds, agro and veterinary chemicals in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Our Mission

We strive to build exceptional value for all our stakeholders by transforming ourselves as the producer of the best quality tested seeds, distributor and market leader of preferred and affordable agricultural seeds, crop and veterinary chemicals plus other related agricultural inputs and services.

Our History

Zimbabwe Garden Seeds was founded in 1990 as a family business and later incorporated as a private company in March 2005.  It specializes in distribution of vegetable seeds as well as veterinary and crop chemicals. The company offers the market a wide range of vegetable seeds which include the traditional Rugare, Nyevhe, Chembere Dzagumhana, Tsunga varieties, flowers and herbs amongst others. The product range also include garlic and organic seeds. It was established to ensure vegetable seeds are available in all parts of the country including remote, rural areas. Our product prices cater for everyone from the ordinary rural farmer to the commercial farmer.

The company has grown in market share and has a footprint through retail outlets, wholesalers, hardware, general dealers and shops nationwide. We also have a footprint in Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, DRC and Mozambique and have established ourselves as a trusted brand and preferred supplier.

Zimbabwe Garden Seeds is actively involved in philanthropy work and corporate social responsibilities. The company’s concern is the empowerment of women in the society. We are involved with vulnerable women and want to ensure they get a better livelihood.



Zimbabwe Garden Seeds behaves according to the moral principles we as a company believe in, so as to gain respect and trust from the corporate world.


At ZGS, we continuously come up with new ideas and strategies that suit both our local and regional farmers by providing them with adequate information on how to grow and manage certain seed varieties e.g. our vegetable seeds.


We accept criticism from our customers and competitors. We also take responsibility for our seeds in the event that they expire while on the shelf or if they do not germinate, which is highly unlikely.

Customer Care

We endeavour to serve all our customers timeously, including those who are in the remote areas. We also encourage good relations between our sales representatives and customers. We carefully handle our customers' complaints and queries, and promptly offer effective and/or possible solutions.

Quality Service

We are regularly commended by our customers for always offering consistently high quality services. We also ensure that all our orders are delivered on time and that our customers' needs are met without fail.